7 Tips for Increasing Cash Flow

Businesses benefit from getting paid as quickly as possible, enabling more cash flow and smoother financial processes. But it can be challenging to get your customers to pay you quickly, especially when delaying payment is a growing trend that took root well before the pandemic. Due – Due With this in mind, what strategies can … Read more

The 7 Best Financial Literacy Books for Kids and Teens

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Financial Trends Closing the Wealth Gap and Bringing Inclusivity

Financial inclusion is one of the more ambitious goals countries, leaders, businesses, communities, and individuals around the world are trying to achieve. Little by little, financial inclusivity is causing progress to happen in pockets and is making a difference. And it’s all being supported by a mixture of ingenuity, technology and disruption. Due – Due … Read more

Is Crypto Coming to an End? This $ 100 Million Settlement Will Impact Crypto Forever

Back on February 14, 2022, crypto exchange extraordinaire BlockFi was slapped with an unprecedented SEC fine. How large are we talking here? A massive $ 100 million fine. If you didn’t know, this is the largest penalty ever recorded against crypto firms. Due – Due If you’re a BlockFi customer, like I am, I’m sure … Read more

Why Decentralization is Crypto’s Greatest Strength and Greatest Threat

Decentralization is the future of finance, at least for the world’s cryptocurrency investors. There’s no question that decentralization holds many advantages over centralized organizational control; it’s one of the biggest reasons why cryptocurrency has gotten popular in the first place. Due – Due But how exactly does decentralization work, and does it also hold drawbacks? … Read more