Struggling on all counts, the Blue Jays suffer a crushing defeat against the Angels

TORONTO — After a very stressful win in Boston late Thursday night, the Toronto Blue Jays arrived home at 4 a.m., got whatever sleep they could, and headed back to the stadium for more. While the short run time has been less than ideal, playing fatigued is part of the challenge, especially at this point … Read more

Astronomers discover a Waterworld planet with deep oceans in the habitable zone

In the search for extrasolar planets, astronomers and astrobiologists generally pursue a “follow the water” policy. It’s like looking for planets orbiting a star’s circumsolar habitable zone (HZ), where conditions are warm enough for liquid water to flow across its surface. The reason is simple: water is the only known solvent capable of sustaining life … Read more

Lawyer: Bills’ investigation of Araiza did not include alleged rape survivor

Editor’s note: The following story deals with sexual assault and may be distressing for some readers. If you or someone you know needs help, those in Canada can find centres, crisis lines and services specific to each province. here. For readers in America, a list of resources and references for survivors and their loved ones … Read more

Goodbye, Hello and Welcome Home: Generations of Canadian Golfers Converge in Ottawa | Radio-Canada Sports

It takes a lot to wear a Maple Leafs jersey in Ottawa and get cheers. But that’s exactly what happened when Lorie Kane donned the blue and white jersey on the 17th hole, dubbed “the rink” at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club, Friday at the CP Women’s Open. Kane, 57, was in the final … Read more

Intoxicated man and missing person cause BC Ferries route delays and cancellations

Breadcrumb Links New Local News Police now say it appears the missing man may have gotten off the ferry on his return to Nanaimo and then left in a waiting taxi. Publication date : August 26, 2022 • 1 hour ago • 2 minute read • 8 comments FILE PHOTO: BC Ferries expects delays at … Read more

Bull cases were coming true before Powell warnings destroyed stocks – BNN Bloomberg

Something strange happened to the stock bull’s best arguments as the market slumped in its worst week since June: they turned out to be right. American companies have enjoyed the biggest profit margins in seven decades. Consumers, always full of money, remain optimistic. Taken together, that might have been too much for Jerome Powell – … Read more

British Columbia cannabis stores close and lay off staff as pressure measures prevent pot deliveries | Radio-Canada News

Some of BC’s cannabis stores say they are closing and laying off staff after a public sector labor dispute prevented the province’s pot distribution center from shipping products from the beginning of last week. Private stores, which must buy their stock from the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB), say they are running out of supplies … Read more

Fortnite TikTok Creator Explains How He Used DBZ To Troll The Internet

If you were online last week and following the Fortnite/dragonball crossover event, chances are you’ve run into someone who loses it during an apparent zoom mispronouncing Goku’s signature attack. “So we all know the Kameyamama is mastered,” creator Dagwummy said in his August 18 video. It spread like wildfire. Soon everyone from Ninja to the … Read more

6 highlights from the 6-hour Xbox livestream at Gamescom 2022 – IGN

Gamescom 2022 is here with tons of exciting updates, gameplay, trailers and exclusives. There have been several announcements from Gamescom Opening Night Live so far, including the reveal of the DualSense Edge PS5 controller and more. (To easily catch up on Gamescom Day 1, we’ve got you covered with our video of Every Reveal from … Read more

Apple Loop: Apple Confirms iPhone Details, iPhone 14 Pro Max Leaks, iPhone Problems Continue

Looking back on another week of news and headlines from Cupertino, this week’s Apple Loop includes confirmation of Apple’s launch date, leaked iPhone 14 Pro Max details, Apple further diversifies production , the Mac self-repair program launched, Apple Maps prepares an advertising plan and the iPhone speaker problems persist. Apple Loop is here to remind … Read more