How the wealth tax has gained popularity

This article is from Capital & Mainan award-winning publication that reports from California on economic, political, and social issues. During four years of Donald Trump’s high-anxiety presidency, Republicans could at least point to one goal accomplished amid the noise and two impeachments: the 2017 tax reform law. Hours after signing the bill, Trump was down … Read more

Tailwind App Reviews 2022 & User Ratings

Top Instagram Growth Tools Tailwind App Reviews 2022 If you’re not on social media, you should be. And if you’re not on Instagram, you’re really missing out. Gone are the days of sitting there scrolling mindlessly through other people’s feeds – you’ve got to make Instagram work for you. Using Instagram to build your brand … Read more

This Is What Content Creators and Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Web3

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Creator economies and NFTs are huge human-potential unlockers. It does not matter whether some assets are in a short-term bubble or not; we’re on an inexorable path toward individuals over institutions. As more and more individuals gain control over their own economic well-being and the potential to … Read more

Simple Office Calendar 365 Tips

Microsoft offers a customizable calendar as part of its Microsoft 365 suite of applications. The calendar includes features such as alerts, notifications, sharing, and syncing with other programs. The quickest way to better organize work and social calendars is through your Outlook email, where Office’s digital calendar can be found. Calendar – Calendar The Office … Read more

These Two Female Fitness Instructors Were Dismissed by Investors. Now, the Joke’s on Them.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As we have adjusted to working from home, my husband and I are constantly on the hunt for nutritious snacks. Without our employers there to offer us an endless array of fruit, chips, yogurt, nuts and protein bars in our office kitchens, we are left to fend … Read more