Famous Follower Reviews 2022 & User Ratings – *Is It a Scam?*

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Famous Follower Reviews 2022

We all want to do well and be seen on Instagram and be given credit for our content and credibility. It is in our nature as human beings, so it’s no surprise that if your goals line up with wanting to get more exposure for your brand, and have people recognize your content for what it is, you are certainly not the only one.

In fact, you joined the ranks of millions of people who are trying to achieve the same things as you are, which of course means that there are plenty of people that can help you as far as support goes, but you’ve also got plenty of competition to go against at the same time.

This is why so many people choose to get help outside of Instagram and rely on a third-party company that can help them with the engagement side of things.

Let’s review one company in particular.

Famous Follower Review

Famous Follower says that they help their clients buy real likes and followers for Instagram, and they say that they are cheap, fast, real, and easy.

All of these adjectives usually point to a company providing their clients with fake followers, and we are confident that this is the case here.

What is Famous Follower?

Famous Follower by all accounts looks like one of those websites that is super cheap and has spent almost no money on their website.

They have images on the homepage that are average quality, and they go straight to their features. They don’t even introduce their company or talk about anything to do with behind-the-scenes. It is clear that their motive here is to just get their services out the door, so that they can make a profit.

They can help their clients not only with Instagram, but with YouTube and Twitter as well, and again, everything is pointing towards this company being a proprietor of fake engagement.

They have a phone number you can call, as well as an email address, but we doubt that this is going to be helpful in general, as you will probably be waiting a long time to talk to someone.

A Review of Famous Follower


  • Secure Site: Famous Follower has managed to just scrape through the basics when it comes to their security, but we can see right through this, and know that this does not determine their credibility at all. Being able to secure your website with HTTPS definitely isn’t a big deal, because almost everyone has been able to achieve this. Back in the day, only people that were really serious about their website did this, so it was a much clearer indication of a company’s legitimacy. However, these days, it is nothing, and they need a lot more security around their website for us to be convinced.
  • Visible Pricing: Famous Follower is definitely not shy about showing their clients how much they charge for their features, which again is a cause for concern for us. They say that $ 9.99 is going to get you 300 Instagram followers, and $ 5.99 is going to get you 200 Instagram likes. You might think that these prices are too good to be true, and the reality is that they are. When a company can charge this little for their features, it usually always means that they had put next to no effort into the quality of their features, and you can expect them to not add to the credibility of your account in any way.


  • FAQ Page: Famous Follower isn’t really interested in helping its clients learn more about the team behind the scenes, or how their services work. Again, they are offering their clients fake engagement that sits on their side of things until you purchase it. Then, they will send it through straight away, and this will be the end of the deal. They do not have any need to share additional information about their service or their company, because there is none. So, if you are looking for additional information you definitely won’t find it, which is worrying because the more you know about a company before you commit to anything, the better.
  • Real Reviews: Famous Follower isn’t too concerned about the credibility side of things because they believe that their pricing will be enough for their clients to want to buy their products. This is why when you go on to their website, you won’t find any legitimate reviews anywhere about their services, and the bottom line with this is that they haven’t got any existing clients to say good things about them. They have probably blocked most of their clients from giving any sort of feedback, because they know they will get into trouble.
  • Secure Payments: Famous Follower again just wants to make everything quick and easy, as mentioned at the top of their home page. They want their engagement to be fast, cheap, and easy, which is why they haven’t bothered to secure their payment gateways. They don’t want you to even think about any form of security when on their website, they just want you to share your credit card details and get out the door with their engagement.

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Is Famous Follower Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

Honestly, we think it’s evident at this point that we believe Famous Follower to be a scam. To be honest, they aren’t really doing a good job at pretending to be anything else, so we think that it’s not only going to be obvious to us, but obvious to you.

These guys are most definitely sending their clients fake engagement, and it won’t be long before they get shut down by Instagram, or another social network.

The last thing you want is to associate with companies like this because they are only going to damage your reputation.

Famous Follower User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for Famous Follower on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

Famous Follower Trustpilot

Review Summary

Famous Follower
Famous Follower

Famous Follower says that they help their clients buy real likes and followers for Instagram, and they say that they are cheap, fast, real, and easy. All of these adjectives usually point to a company providing their clients with fake followers, and we are confident that this is the case here.


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