The New Era of Alternative Asset Allocation: 33-33-33

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. During the 2010-11 NBA season, 22.2 percent of all shot attempts were three-pointers. Last year, this increased to 39.2 percent .. As the talents and abilities of players evolve, so too does the nature of the game. Today, the game as we know it is faster and … Read more

How This First-Generation American Founder Is Taking on Fast-Food Giants

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Getting together with family and friends and finding meals that are a crowd pleaser is never an easy task. I scroll aimlessly on Instagram looking for ideas on what to cook. Is this processed? Is this even tasty? Is this too much sugar for my kids? Mason … Read more

Profits, Perils and Limitless Potential

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The global fintech (financial technology) market has exploded in recent years, partly attributable to Covid-19, which served as a compelling motivator towards digital and contactless payments. Innovations like digitized money and mobile wallets are now used ubiquitously. Fintech’s total global market reach in 2020 was valued at … Read more

How to Use the New Microsoft Calendar – Features You Never Knew Existed

Microsoft Calendar serves as a must-have resource that can help keep you on schedule. The application is frequently updated to provide new features. In addition, it can integrate with other programs for personal and business use. You can master these new features of Microsoft Calendar and take control of your time. Calendar – Calendar First, … Read more

5 Reasons Why Data-Driven Companies Should Start Using Synthetic Data

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. AI use in business is growing at an exponential rate. Industries as varied as cybersecurity and retail are now leveraging its power to predict patterns and inform business processes. However, even as its application grows, companies are increasingly grappling with a critical challenge: a lack of training … Read more

Is Now the Time for Elon Musk to Launch His Own Social Media Platform?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. About a year or so ago, I started to sense that Elon Musk was thinking about launching a social media platform. Then the signs started to become more frequent, and finally last weekend, he announced that he is, in fact, strongly considering it. And I couldn’t think … Read more

‘They’re Thinking Like a Startup, Which Allows Them to Move Faster’

Some might be surprised to learn of the close relationship that exists between Silicon Valley and Ukraine, but considering each region is a tech hub in its own right, it’s a natural one. According to Amsterdam-based software-development company Daxx, there were 200,000 Ukrainian developers in the country in 2020, and 20% of Fortune 500 companies … Read more

How the War in Ukraine Hit US Immigrant Entrepreneurs

While the Ukrainian developers of an NYC-based startup were building street barricades, their app was being removed from Shopify, one of America’s largest e-commerce platforms. The reason? The startup’s co-founder, a recent immigrant to the US, was a Russian citizen. Shopify had recently joined the list of western companies introducing sanctions of their own. Chaos … Read more

Know Yourself and Renegotiate

Renegotiations are an unavoidable fact of commercial life right now. Instead of giving into fear, face them with confidence by first knowing yourself, and then refreshing on some key negotiation principles. You don’t need us to tell you the world is changing. The global pandemic that’s been rumbling on for the best part of two … Read more