3 Ways to Build Sustainable Wealth in the Metaverse

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Traditionally, the means to building wealth have been well charted. Most entrepreneurs grew up on investment manuals written by the likes of Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Charlie Munger and Benjamin Graham. I sure did. A lot of this information, especially in relation to investment psychology, is timeless … Read more

Which Is Right For Your Business?

Most companies want to grow. Often, the very survival of a business depends on steady growth. Yet when many companies try to expand, they end up stagnating instead. Expansion problems are both common and various. It can be a new market, vertical, product, or service that just doesn’t work out. As a result, leaders can … Read more

The Secret to Retaining Unhappy Customers and Empowering Happy Ones

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Modern businesses can use all sorts of tools, including automation, to collect information about what customers think, want and do. Many companies unfortunately do not tap all of the potential concealed within that data. Closing the feedback loop and creating a solid sequence of two-way communication can … Read more

Cognizant, CGI, and Jack Henry & Associates

Surging inflation, the potential for aggressive interest rates increases, and continuing geopolitical strife in Europe have prompted a massive sell-off in the tech sector. Nevertheless, the rapid digitization of businesses is expected to drive the information technology services industry’s growth. Therefore, we think fundamentally sound information technology stocks Cognizant Technology (CTSH), CGI Inc. (GIB), and … Read more

How To Fix The Drug Pricing Crisis — And The Patent Problem Fueling It

Drug prices are increasingly out of reach for millions, but there is gathering momentum to … [+] course-correct, says Priti Krishtel. Pixabay / Pexels Millions of Americans cannot afford the prescription drugs they need, and are forced to make difficult, even devastating, trade-offs as a result. Leading access-to-medicines changemaker Priti Krishtel, cofounder of I-MAK, shares … Read more

How Your Calendar Apps Integrate

Digital calendar apps benefit employees and business owners, including shared events, event alerts, and color-coded entries. Three of the most popular options on the market are Microsoft Calendar (through Outlook), Office 365 Calendar, and Google Calendar. The popularity of these options means that some integration or synchronization possibilities exist between them. Let’s break down how … Read more