Anthony Montgomery complains to Garrett Wang about becoming the Harry Kim of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’

Thursday at the 56-Year Mission Las Vegas Convention Star Trek: Enterprise fans were entertained by a lively panel featuring John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox), Connor Trinneer (Charles “Trip” Tucker), Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed), and Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather). It was the same group that got together for a panel at the Star Trek Mission: Chicago convention earlier this year, and they covered much of the same ground, but one difference this time was that the panel was moderated by l actor Garret Wang, Star Trek: Voyager’s Harry Kim. This gave Montgomery a unique opportunity to speak to Wang about (unfortunately) following in his footsteps.

Montgomery had Harry Kimmed

During a light-hearted discussion of episodes or scenes the actors didn’t enjoy filming, Montgomery got a bit more serious, saying:

To be honest, I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have much to do. Because I’m actually pretty damn talented, if I say so myself. Because I worked hard at it. I’m not the one looking for congratulations. But I work hard at my job. And I just felt like I was underutilized. So there is not one in particular. There were many scenes where I would literally walk in for a day and ‘Oh, that’s all I have to say?’, ‘Captain, there’s an ion storm, should we go around it?’ Alright, cut. I’ll see you next week. So it was like that and having a bunch of them is probably what I didn’t like. I just wish I could have contributed more.

After spending seven years on the USS Voyager with his famous Harry Kim who never got promoted to ensign, Wang had to step in, saying:

Wang: Anthony, I just want to say, I feel your pain. “Thirty percent shields, captain.” “You are thrilled Harry, thank you.”

This prompted Anthony to reveal how he was warned early on that he and he playing Ensign Mayweather could suffer the same fate as Ensign Kim from Wang:

What about when I walked into the show and they said, ‘We hope they don’t get you Harry Kim.’ And I didn’t know what it was… Because they started telling me what was going on. They weren’t using me. And I didn’t even know what it was. Harry Kim, and they said, ‘Well, he was part of it, but he didn’t really do much. And I was like, “Oh wow.” I didn’t realize Garrett’s character was a verb. They harassed me.

Connor Trinneer, Anthony Montgomery, Dominic Keating and John Billingsley at the 56-year-old Mission Star Trek convention (Photo:

Commander Mayweather?

Later, in a discussion of the other character they would have liked to play, Montgomery returned to the idea of ​​just having more to do with his own, including a different rank:

I think I would have enjoyed being Commander Mayweather. It sounds good. Commander Travis Mayweather.

The actor then revealed how he was told there would be a more meaningful connection between his character and Commander Trip Tucker:

i don’t know if you guys [the audience] know it because you know a lot more about this franchise and this series than we do. But Travis and Tripp were meant to be – I was told they were going to be like best friends or very close when I first got the job. And it didn’t end up happening. I do not know. There was a left in Albuquerque but that’s what I was told.

The first in the series of Company may have shown the beginnings of this intended connection when Trip found Travis hanging out in the ship’s “sweet spot” where gravity reverses.

Excerpt from “Broken Bow”

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