A ‘Destiny 2’ King’s First Fall Raid Run Faces Bugged Subclasses and Disabled Weapons

Everyone was a little skeptical that Destiny 2 Season 18, now called Season of Plunder, would launch its raid run for the resumed raid just three days after launch.

Now, we know the raid is King’s Fall (which wasn’t exactly the biggest shocker), but past that, we know a whole bunch of things are, for lack of a better term, missed this season. And many will be unfixed by the time this raid run rolls around.

Since the launch of the season, there have been a number of high-profile issues that directly feed into the potential strategies, or lack thereof, for this raid race. We have:

  • The main unprecedented situation is that virtually every heavy grenade launcher in the game has been disabled, even the blue ones, due to an accidental buff that took what was supposed to be a 10% damage increase and blasted it. pushed closer to 150-250% instead. It was a lot of fun, and also a great way to make sure every boss dies far too quickly in a raid run. This is the first time that I have already saw an integer to classify weapons disabled for a raid run, and honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it…period. It will no doubt be fixed, but probably not in time.

  • Another weapon has been disabled, the controversial Exotic which players can get by pre-ordering a $100 Lightfall Bundle, which grants them the Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle. It seems to be a bit confusing what happened here. Bungie seems to think the pistol’s grenade fire mode does too much damage, and it looks like they might be playing it safe for the raid run and other grenade shenanigans just in case it’s enough good for feeling broken. Most players seem to think this is overkill, however, disabling the gun in all raids and dungeons for now.
  • Next, Bungie initially said the final row of seasonal mods were becoming easier to access with less XP needed. This doesn’t appear to have gone live, which means some players won’t have grinded the XP needed to unlock some of the season’s best mod options in the back row, when in fact there should be. access according to what Bungie said earlier. .
  • Finally, the last bug is perhaps the strangest but has the most direct implications for raid racing. There’s a growing chorus of players who believe that 100 level resilience, which is supposed to be a 40% damage reduction in PvE, just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to for Arc 3.0 Warlocks and Titans only. Test appears to show that it’s happening, but it’s a bug that even though Bungie says they’re investigating, it seems possible that it won’t be fixed by the raid race, rolling back two of the most popular subclasses in the season unless urgently corrected.

The point being made here is not that Bungie has a buggy new season. In a live game, seasons usually launch with a fair amount of bugs, so it’s not unprecedented. But the issue here is the timing of the raid race, and why some players feel the raid should have gone the more traditional release path of releasing the following weekend instead, rather than Bungie having to resort to to extreme measures like disabling an entire class of weapons. or throwing patches hours before the race starts (which, at this rate, who knows what else might be messed up).

The idea is that with more time between the launch of the season, finding bugs and issues, and the actual race, it makes more sense to wait a bit and get started later. Again, with contest mode raid races, power grinding doesn’t mean anything anymore, so the extra time doesn’t really help hardcore players get a super advantage over anyone. We’ll see how it goes, but it’s a weird situation, to say the least.

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