She-Hulk Episode Order Changed – And Avoided An MCU Spider-Man Mistake

The following contains spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Season 1, Episode 1, “A Normal Amount of Rage“, now streaming on Disney+.

When She-Hulk: Lawyer was announced, fans were excited, not only because they would learn more about Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany)’s transformation into the Jade Giant, but they would also find out what Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) did as Smart Hulk. It would fill in the gaps of The Avengers films after the Blip, while helping to create a Hulkverse within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the cousins ​​at the helm.

As a result, fans got a full look at the Hulk’s grief over losing Iron Man, how he tried to heal his arm, and exactly what Jen’s presence meant in his life. Interestingly, details emerged after the premiere about the episode order for the series change, which drastically changed the flow of the series, and make no mistake, given what happened, it avoided a mistake made with the MCU’s handling of Spider-Man.

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It has to do with the concept of an origin story. Sadly, the MCU didn’t give Tom Holland’s Peter Parker one, simply throwing him into combat in Civil War. When Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted, other than quick clips of him in his makeshift costume or the mention of a radioactive spider bite, nothing was shared regarding his past. Even Uncle Ben was left out, unlike in Sony movies.

Admittedly, after three movies, it’s a little disappointing because seeing an aspiring superhero groping, training, and exploring their powers is an important part of their journey of self-discovery. That’s why people like Kamala Khan and Kate Bishop have been checking in so much lately. It’s because it grounded them and added a human, relatable feel to their characters. What was even more disappointing was rather than the MCU’s focus on Earth-616’s Pete in its prequel cartoon, Spider-Man: Year One, it will be an alternate reality where Norman Osborn was helping Spidey in his early days. It feels like a missed opportunity to help fans connect with the mainstream version of the teenage webhead, allowing them to see his successes and failures, putting into context why he became such a vigilante in New York.

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This error was avoided by She-Hulk thanks to the change in the order of the episodes. Editor-in-chief Jessica Gao told Variety that most of what was seen in the premiere was supposed to be in episode 8, but that was changed in post-production. It allowed fans to see exactly what happened to Jen – her car accident with Bruce after a Sakaar ship chased them, gamma blood seeping into her system and how she adjusted after the transformation .

This turned into Jen training with Bruce, him trying to force her to be a hero and Jen finally showing that she was the stronger and superior Hulk. As such, viewers got to see it all – the catalyst, she hones her craft, reprimands Bruce’s slap, and uses her powers in the courtroom to stop Titania. At this point, no matter how hard she tried to suppress her Green Goliath, she officially became She-Hulk, wrapping up a full origin story. This allows fans to be more invested rather than waiting an entire season to find out how and why his life changed.

Instead, fans know her doubts, her fears, her motivations, her insecurities, her disdain for toxic men, and why she was doing what she was doing from the start. Ultimately, it creates a more emotional connection, paints a holistic picture of a budding hero, and familiarizes fans as they watch her develop through every stage as she prepares to battle villains. Had the Spider Man the movies did, though in a fun flashback montage recapping how he was bitten and what his early training sessions were like, the MCU would have explained his formative identity in a way that might still have separated him from the Sony movies. Instead, Spidey was stripped of an integral part of what makes the character tick, with Jen’s detailed backstory doing the opposite, giving her narrative more heart and soul.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law streams Thursdays on Disney+.

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