The Young and the Restless Spoilers August 22-26

Things get really complicated in the latest version of The young and the restless spoilers from Monday August 22 to Friday August 26. As Lily questions Billy’s intentions, Chelsea take a big step forward. As Sharon helps Nick through a tough time, Victor arguably makes it even tougher. And as Phyllis proves herself, Victoria reminds us that she’s not one to scoff. Get the details on these spoilers and more below…

Casting alert! This Young and restless newcomer will impact the worlds of Billy, Vikki and Chelsea. Get the details.

Young and restless Spoilers for Friday August 19:

In Friday’s recap, Chance’s decision leaves Nick shaken, Diane staggers after a “kiss” with Jack, and Chelsea calls Billy’s bluff!
Chelsea interviews Billy Y&R

Even though Victor is protecting his family’s secrets—we just knew a confession wasn’t in the cards—Nick plans to come forward. Of course, if he did that, he might find himself in the unusual position of being taller than dad. [bleep] list than usual black sheep Adam. Speaking of who…

What Adam does next could throw not just Victor but all of the Newmans for a loop.

Someone must have told Diane that if she wants to dream, she might as well dream big, because today she’s imagining a future for her and Jack – you know, the ex whose heart she’s broken more times than we cannot count.

Young and restless spoilers week of August 22:

Y&R Rant without rest! Hot Topics: Adam tears down Chance’s master plan, Diane’s Los Angeles secret, and the trouble brewing at Chancellor-Winters…and we’re not just talking about Nate and Devon!

Young and restless Spoilers for Monday August 22:

Victor loses patience with Adam as often as we lose our keys, our glasses and our thoughts. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that’s what’s happening today. This isafter all, a day of the week that ends day.

Oh, that should be rich! Billy gives Victoria some sage advice. Which, if she’s got any sense in her head, she’s probably better off ignoring than taking to heart.

We could be getting closer to a “Shick” reunion when recently widowed Sharon helps the inexplicably single Nick face his demons. If they have anything to do with her troublesome family, they are sure to be demons she is extremely familiar with! (Relive the couple’s steamy romance here.)

Her life in pictures: Celebrate Melissa Claire Egan’s son’s first birthday with photos of his precious “firsts.”

Young and restless Spoilers for Tuesday, August 23:

Chance, Chance, Chance. You should know not to play poker, even metaphorically, with Victor. Will the detective fold when his stepfather calls him to bluff?

Victoria seems pretty solid to us these days. But Nikki wonders about her daughter’s state of mind. It would make tremendous sense for Victoria to experience post-traumatic stress after marrying Ashland, learning his big lie, nearly dying in a car crash, and then seeing him perish before she could murder him.

It’s a stand-up or shut-up time for Billy Boy as Lily forces her beau to make a decision about his future. Will it do good? Uh, has he ever done that?

Young and restless Spoilers for Wednesday August 24:

It comes as naturally to Victor as drinking a third glass of wine to us! So we doubt he’ll have any problems when he feels he has to defend his actions once again. Honestly, why does anyone bother challenging him at this point?

Now here are some well-matched opponents: Adam and Kevin. They are just as sneaky when they want to. But this time, Adam takes over.

Looks like it’s been ages since we’ve seen him smile. As Nick savors his new role, we may get a glimpse of him with a little pep in his step.

Young and restless Spoilers for Thursday August 25:

High this, Diana! Phyllis enters into an electricity agreement, which should make her an overnight sensation at Marchetti. Now let anyone try to say she only got her job because the boss is her daughter.

When Kyle protects Jack’s interests, will they be professional…or personal? In fact, given that almost everyone knows Jack or is connected to work at Jabot in some way, is there really a difference?

Hmm. If Chelsea makes a bold move – and she does – we can’t help but wonder if it will be Billy’s way. And just when he and Lily also experience a bit of turbulence…

Young and restless Spoilers for Friday August 26:

Don’t mess with Victoria, mmkay? Because if you do, she’ll do exactly what she’s doing today and fight back. You won’t like that.

Things get chilly in Chancellor-Winters when Nate steals the show. Will he finally get so far that Devon and Lily consider putting a pink slip on his desk?

Ah. So Chelsea’s bold move to have to to be towards Billy, because now she’s getting mixed signals from him. Advice to the wise, Billy Boy: you can have your cake or eat it, but you can’t do both!

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—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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