‘Mosaic Mode’, YouTube Shorts on your smart TVs soon. Details inside

According to reports, giant video-sharing and social media platform, YouTube, is working to add its short video app “YouTube Shorts” to YouTube TV, which is the smart TV platform created by YouTube. which offers live TV, on-demand video and much more.

Additionally, the company has started notifying its partners about support for YouTube shorts in the YouTube app that runs on Android TV and Google TV.

On a regular basis, YouTube shorts would reach around 30 billion views. And that number is growing exponentially, according to reports.

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Reports also suggest that the smart TV platform “YouTube TV” is also planning to add a new feature which will be called “Mosaic Mode”. In this mode, viewers could simultaneously watch about four live streams on the Smart TV monitor.

Although YouTube offers short videos for the smart TV platform, it’s not the first service to do so. For some time now, Tiktok, the short-form video hosting service has been experimenting with smart TV interfaces.

According to reports, YouTube will be able to allow subscribers to view up to four live streams after getting mosaic mode. And the four live streams would be presented simultaneously on the smart Android or Google TV by the four-quadrant plunging screen.

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