Did Android 13 improve the battery life of the Pixel 6 series? Great minds disagree

The update to Android 13 has been released to compatible Pixel models (from the Pixel 4 series to the Pixel 6 series and Pixel 6a) and now is the time to reflect on the improvements that have been made. As we pointed out last week, Google counted 151 bugs have been squashed with the latest version of Android, and some Pixel 6 series users have noticed a huge improvement in the speed and accuracy of the under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Did Android 13 shorten or lengthen screen time on your Pixel 6 series phone?

Another improvement was spotted with the iPhone 6 series feature that suppresses alarms and timers by saying “Stop!” Before the update, this feature worked hot and cold, but now works all the time. One area where there doesn’t seem to be consensus is the battery life of the Pixel 6 line after the update. Check out this post on Reddit by Named User aleemkhan123 who wrote: “I’m seriously freaking out. Battery life is totally ZERO After updating to Android 13 stable from 13 beta 4.1 Does anyone have the same?”

Several users blamed the Samsung Health app, but others, like the user badadam1969, disagree. His message read: “I have Samsung Health but that’s not the problem. It’s already optimized with step counting turned off. It only uses about 3-5%. My SOT on beta 4.1 was d about 6-7 hours and after the stable update it dropped to 4 hours with the same usage.I’ll try a factory reset and see if that helps.

Yes, a few Pixel 6 series users said that after installing Android 13, the dreaded factory reset caused a big increase in SOT (screen time). Factory and reset are two separate words that this writer hates to hear used together, but if your SOT is only 3-4 hours, you might want to give it a try. Be sure to back up your data first. Maybe you will get the same results as Redditor Nonnull3947392 which claims, “I did a factory reset after upgrading to 13 and my battery seems ridiculously good. It’s unreal how amazing the P6P is.”
But be warned. Some Pixel 6 users say that a factory reset didn’t change their SOT at all. Others recommend doing things like disabling 5G, but what’s the point of paying for a phone that supports 5G just to disable 5G support? A better idea would be to buy a power bank and take it with you wherever you go.

As for this writer’s Pixel 6 Pro, since yours spends most of every day working behind a QWERTY keyboard, my phone is usually plugged in. Yeah, not good for long-term battery health, but it keeps me near 100% when it’s time to go out (plus there’s also a 36800mAh power bank I can bring along).

What was your experience with battery life on the Pixel 6 lineup after installing Android 13?

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have decently sized batteries weighing in at 4614mAh and 5003mAh respectively. Even before the Android 13 update was released, reviews for both phones’ batteries were mixed. The Pixel 6 scored the highest in our November YouTube video playback test for 11 hours before crashing. The iPhone 13 Pro Max was next at 10 hours and 23 minutes, followed by the Pixel 6 Pro at 9 hours and 10 minutes. The Galaxy S21 Ultra (8 hours and 52 minutes) and iPhone 13 Pro (8 hours and 26 minutes) followed.

While the Pixel 6 has the smaller battery between the two, it also has a smaller display with 1080p resolution compared to the 1440p resolution on the Pixel 6 Pro display. The latter also has a refresh rate of 120Hz compared to 90Hz on the smaller phone.

We would like to know your experience with the battery life of the Pixel 6 series after the Android 13 update. Did you notice a big improvement in the SOT or did the battery life deteriorate? If the latter, what things have you tried to improve your SOT? You can respond in the comments section below.

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