YouTube is developing an updated shorts player for connected TVs, as well as multi-screen CTV viewing

YouTube Shorts has been a big hit for the platform, with the shortened TikTok-like video stream now circulating on 30 billion daily views in the app.

And now YouTube is looking to better integrate Shorts into its extended viewing options, with a dedicated Shorts player soon to be integrated into YouTube’s Smart TV app, which will see its short clips on the big screen in millions of homes across the world. world.

As reported by Protocol, YouTube is developing a new Shorts display for connected TVs, which will frame Shorts clips in the middle of the big screen.

YouTube Short Connected TV

As reported by Protocol:

A slide mockup shown to the audience at Google’s partner event showed a vertical video in the center of the screen, with the title of the video, the name of the song used in the clip, and quick access to thumbs up and down for the side.”

This will provide a better viewing experience for short films on the big screen, helping to address content consumption trends.

Which TikTok is also trying to incorporate. Many Owners of LG and Samsung Smart TVs can already access the TikTok TV app, which uses a presentation format similar to this new YouTube display.

TikTok on TV

Although, as the protocol notes, YouTube has a major advantage over TikTok on this front, with the YouTube app installed on virtually every smart TV.

Indeed, the viewing of connected television (CTV) is now that of YouTube fastest growing content surfacewith over 120 million people now consume YouTube content on their home TV screens every month.

This could see it facilitating a huge new audience capacity for short films – and with 75% of YouTube users now interact with Shorts in some form, this could help amplify the format for more people, making it a bigger content consideration for YouTube creators.

Which would be a big win for YouTube.

A key element of the YouTube Shorts campaign is that shorts can be used as additional promotion for a creator’s main YouTube channel, where they can generate significant revenue through the YouTube Partner Program.

As TikTok well knows, monetizing a short video is hard because you can’t insert ads into short clips. This means creators have less ability to earn revenue from their TikTok clips or Shorts – but using it as a way to drive viewers back to their main YouTube channel can be a much more viable monetization route.

Which could, eventually, see more TikTok stars take their talents to YouTube instead.

This is a key existential concern for TikTok, with creators already expressing frustration at fluctuating Creators Fund payouts, while the structure of the app itself does not lend itself to creating new content. an audience, with a greater focus on streaming the latest trending clips, from any account.

Perhaps, like Vine before it, TikTok will eventually lose its top stars to greener pastures instead. Right now, most of the big names seem content to post on TikTok and other apps, with TikTok no longer a cross-promotion opportunity. But signs suggest many are turning away from TikTok as their primary channel, which could lead to further concerns down the road.

Along with extending Shorts to the TV app, YouTube is also adding new YouTube Music features for connected TVs, including the ability to browse playlists and add songs and albums to your YouTube Music library right from the TV screen.

YouTube is also working on a new “tile mode”, which will allow subscribers to view up to four live streams on screen at the same time, with the screen divided into quadrants.

Which I can only imagine will further scramble children’s attention spans and confuse adults as youngsters learn to catch four simultaneous TV streams at the same time.

Is this the future of media consumption? I suspect that in many ways we already consume multiple streams of content at once, with TV playing as you scroll through your mobile device and potentially view videos and other content on two streams at once. What’s an extra starter or two in this mix?

I mean, soon you’ll be in the metaverse, staring at a virtual video screen, as notifications pop up next to your vision, or maybe you’re wearing AR glasses that add another attention surface into the mix.

The evolution of human attention is unfolding before our eyes, and in that sense YouTube’s multi-screen presentation probably makes a lot of sense.

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