‘No mold, no freezing!’ Keep bread fresh for weeks with a food storage hack

Bread is a household staple with 99.8% of households adding it to their basket, totaling almost 11 million loaves of bread sold each day. Express.co.uk spoke to Jill Charlton, Head of Nutrition at Warburtons, about the best ways to store bread to ensure it stays fresh for as long as possible and how to reduce the risk of it going moldy.

To make a loaf of bread last as long as possible, select the best loaf from the supermarket shelf.

Jill said: “Warburtons always advise first checking the best before dates which appear on a yellow sticker on the wax wrapped loaf or, if bagged, the plastic tie. Bread can still be eaten after the expiration date, although it may not be of the best quality. The consumer should always check the absence of mold before consuming.

“Many consumers use the ‘squeeze test’ to determine if their bread is fresh, which can damage the bread if it’s too heavy, so not really recommended.”

Another thing to watch out for is the packaging, check it for damage before adding it to your cart.

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As for the best way to store bread, Jill explained: “Warburtons recommends storing their products in a dark, cool place, but not in the fridge, as this can cause the bread to age faster.

“Freezing is a great way to preserve bread if you can’t eat it all before the expiration date, it also helps prevent food waste.”

If you choose to freeze bread, “first you need to make sure your freezer is running at the correct temperature minus 18 degrees Celsius,” Jill says. “This ensures that the bread freezes quickly without affecting the quality.

“Avoid the bread touching the sides of the freezer as this can cause freezer burn on the sides of the bread.

“Most breads can be frozen for up to three months. Sliced ​​bread defrosts quite quickly, so it’s nice to always have fresh bread on hand. Bread can be toasted directly after being frozen.

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For those who prefer to store their bread in a bread basket, Jill says: “If conditions are hot the bread may not last and go moldy so store it in the freezer if you’re not going to pass the bread quickly. ”

Jill said there are several ways to tell if the bread is past its best: “Warm conditions can accelerate mold growth, fortunately the appearance of green/blue mold spots and a distinctive aroma warns the consumer that the product is not suitable for consumption.”

In terms of brown bread versus white bread, Jill said there was “no difference” in the time for the molding process to occur between the varieties.

“Warburtons crumpets have a longer shelf life because we package them differently, we use carbon dioxide inside the packaging for a longer shelf life,” she revealed.

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Some food storage tips suggest removing sliced ​​bread from the plastic bags it’s sold in, but what does Warburtons recommend?

“It’s always best to store bread in its original packaging,” Jill said. “Removing the bread can cause damage and cause the bread to mold faster if the hands are dirty.”

Warburton’s new Plant Power Sliced ​​Bread and Toastie Bread come in paper bags – does that mean the bread stays fresh longer?

“All of our packaging is carefully selected to ensure our products stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible and maintain the highest quality,” the expert added. “The new Seeds and Grains range paper substrate is a really positive addition to our range as it is 100% recyclable.”

Some facts about Warburtons:

Warburtons produces over two million fresh baked goods every day and sells around 1.2 million loaves of bread daily.

In 1867, Thomas and Ellen Warburton baked their first batch of white breads in their small grocery store in Bolton. They sold out in less than an hour. The company opened its first bakery in 1915.

Warburtons Toastie bread is the most popular bread. It is a white bread that is designed to be toasted. The product is wrapped in wax paper to ensure that all the freshness and taste is sealed in as soon as it is cooked.

Warburtons has just under 30 sliced ​​breads in its range, and also produces bread rolls, sandwiches, bagels, fruit breads and cakes, crumpets, pancakes, potato cakes, muffins and a range of gluten-free products.

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